Photo of Austin L. McMullen

Austin McMullen is a board-certified Creditors’ Rights Specialist. He also regularly represents businesses in the highly regulated food and beverage industry and in other government affairs  matters.

As a Creditors’ Rights Specialist, Austin is one of a small but select group of Tennessee attorneys who have completed a rigorous certification process established by the American Board of Certification. Austin zealously represents his clients in bankruptcy, commercial and real estate litigation, workout, judgment enforcement and execution matters. He also serves as the receiver of distressed businesses to successfully resolve and satisfy creditor claims.

The White HouseEmployers that contract with the federal government are about to face a whole new ballgame with the Trump Administration. In Trump: The Art of the Deal, Mr. Trump explained that deals are his “art form” and that making big deals is how he gets his “kicks.” President Obama issued many executive orders and presidential