Leggo My Eggo and Pass the Legal Advice! Come to Breakfast with Bradley on June 17Employers across the country are curious how the labor and employment world may change under President Biden’s administration. March saw Marty Walsh, former mayor of Boston, confirmed as the U.S. Secretary of Labor. What is his philosophy? The DOL postponed the effective date of a new Independent Contractor Rule. Will it ever go into effect? There has been a lot of discussion about increasing the minimum wage. Will it ever happen?

These questions and many more hopefully will be addressed by Will Manuel and Anne Knox Averitt on June 17 when they present at our next Breakfast with Bradley titled “What to Expect When You’re Expecting  ̶  Changes in Employment Law Under a New Administration.” This event will be done virtually, so you can have your chicken biscuit at your work-at-home desk or your office.

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