President Obama Strikes (Signs) Again with the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Order
Photo Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

Employers will have to report previous labor law violations to bid for federal government work beginning soon. On the heels of President Obama’s executive order prohibiting LBGT discrimination by federal contractors, the President signed yet another executive order—this one requiring disclosure of labor and employment violations from the previous three years.

Areas included are:

  • wage and hour
  • safety and health
  • collective bargaining
  • family and medical leave
  • employment discrimination

The order also prohibits the use of arbitration agreements for discrimination claims for larger contracts.

Regulations are expected after a comment period in anticipation of implementation in stages in 2016. A helpful government website is promised.

What This Means for Employers

For those employers depending on federal government dollars, especially those who are light in their HR and labor budgets, caution is warranted. Internal workplace compliance reviews definitely are recommended between now and 2016 and beyond.