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Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign: What Employers Need to Know About Tennessee’s New Gun Posting Law

Tennessee employers– you can generally keep weapons off your property, but if you want to prosecute violators, you need the right sign. And, effective July 1, 2016, the state has changed what it says is an acceptable sign. The new requirements are very specific. The notice must: Be displayed in “prominent locations including all entrances … Continue Reading

More Guns in Trunks—Mississippi Supreme Court Amends Wrongful Discharge Doctrine

Given Mississippi’s guns in trunks statute, can you legally terminate an employee for keeping a gun in his car at work? The Mississippi Supreme Court in Swindol v. Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation answered this question, certified from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, as a “no”. The company terminated Mr. Swindol when it learned that … Continue Reading

Hold Your Fire: Tennessee Bars Employers from Terminating Employees for Complying with ‘Guns-in-Trunks’

Earlier this month, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed a law prohibiting employers from firing employees for complying with the state’s “guns-in-trunks” statute. The new law creates another exception to Tennessee’s employment-at-will doctrine, which states that an employer can terminate an employee with or without cause and with or without notice. The law passed despite opposition … Continue Reading

‘Guns in Trunks’ and Franchisor Liability Highlight Proposed Tennessee Employment Law Changes

Barring the firing of an employee for legally bringing a firearm to work and liability protection for franchisors highlight the employment law proposals on the Tennessee legislature’s agenda for this year. In 2013, the Tennessee legislature passed a law often referred to as “guns-in-trunks.” The law allowed employees with handgun carry permits to bring their … Continue Reading

Tennessee AG: Guns in Trunks Constitutional

Tennessee’s “guns-in-trunks” law is constitutional and enforceable, according to a recent opinion from the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office. In 2013, the Tennessee legislature passed and Governor Bill Haslam signed a law, often referred to as “gun-in-trunks,” that required employers to allow their employees with handgun carry permits to bring their firearms onto company property, so long … Continue Reading