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Bridget Warren focuses on commercial litigation in a wide variety of areas, including intellectual property rights, commercial contracts, securities and employment law. She represents clients in trade secret, trademark and copyright disputes, as well as related employment issues, such as non-compete agreements. A significant portion of her practice includes counseling clients before litigation is filed, and working to negotiate favorable settlements prior to trial.

Lingering Lateness Later Litigated: 11th Circuit Rules on ADAWhat happens if you give an employee an accommodation that goes above and beyond what the ADA requires? Can you change your mind down the road and stop providing that accommodation? Or are you stuck providing that accommodation forever – even though it’s unreasonable or no longer feasible? In Hartwell v. Secretary of the Navy

Never Too Late to Arbitrate? Tips on Getting Your Agreement OnDo your employees sign arbitration agreements? If so, do your arbitration agreements prevent employees from joining class actions against your company? Does your company want to start requiring arbitration agreements? If “yes” is the answer to any of these questions, some recent court decisions raise a few issues to keep in mind.

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