Department of Labor Provides Easier, Breezier FMLA Electronic Notice Forms for EmployersIn a shocking example of good news these days, the Wage and Hour Division has revised its optional forms that employers can use on various FMLA issues. The new forms can be filled out electronically and have cut down on the number of questions that require written responses. Instead, many categories can now be handled by simply checking a box. Also, in this time of social distancing, they can be signed electronically (no contact!).

The DOL hopes that employers will use these forms and that the new detail will help reduce any FMLA violations. The forms are below:

Eligibility Notice (informs employee of eligibility or reason why they may not be eligible)

Rights and Responsibilities Notice (informs employee of their obligations associated with FMLA leave request)

Designation Notice (informs employee whether the leave request is approved and the amount of leave)

The DOL also provided revised forms for healthcare providers to use in the certification process:

Employee with serious health condition

Family member of employee with serious health condition