Whistleblower Activity Drives False Claims Act Suits in 2019Companies that work with the federal government (think government contracts, grant funding, and Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements) need to stay up to date on the federal False Claims Act (FCA). Employee whistleblowers continue to use the FCA as one of their prime tools to bring actions against their employers. In 2019, whistleblowers filed 636 new FCA actions and recovered $2.21 billion for the government in settlements and judgments—of which the whistleblowers kept $271 million as their share. This past year also saw several new developments in the case law surrounding the FCA’s whistleblower retaliation provisions. To keep you informed on the status of the law, Bradley’s Government Enforcement and Investigations Practice Group is pleased to present the False Claims Act: 2019 Year in Review, our annual review of significant FCA cases, developments and trends.